New Elite game is dangerously real

There are many things that enter my field of vision that cause me to do a double take, most of them vaguely breast-shaped, but the word “Elite” is another. It’s a word I see almost every day, on my Raptr wall primarily, since according to the tracking service I’ve been ranked as an elite EVE player (solely on the basis that I’ve sunk hundreds of hours into the game). Although it’s nice enough to be recognised for one’s efforts, even if it is by a mathematical formula, most of the time seeing the word “elite” underneath EVE Online is a cruel reminder of when games were the future, and one game especially – Elite.

I did another double take this morning, when I saw in my email inbox a couple of messages sent via crowd-funding site Kickstarter that some  friends had backed a project called Elite: Dangerous – a game project, undoubtedly, since my friends typically only back games.

My first instinct was to prepare for disappointment and to find out which two-bit developer would have the audacity to call their game Elite, a game that likely had nothing to do with the Braben-Bell space trading classic. Then, quite unexpectedly, I saw the golden wings of the Elite logo perched on the screen before me and off to the side David Braben’s portrait. There it was, Elite: Dangerous. The first solid news of a new Elite game for 18 years.

I won’t lie. I was in shock. I still am.


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