Something of an inauspicious start

I had a very quick go running BBC disk Elite via the B-Em emulator last night and did my usual thing of loading up on furs and food on the route from Lave to Zaonce (a route that is hard-wired into my brain, although the Lave-Leesti run was always my favourite). Of course, as soon as I arrived in the industrial corporate system I was set upon by nefarious pirates types – a Krait and a trio of Sidewinders, if I wasn’t mistaken. The Krait was dispatched without too much trouble, but my shields soon melted under the barrage of Sidewinder laser fire and it was game over within five minutes of launching.

Being so quickly eliminated is bad enough, but to be taken out by Sidewinders is tantamount to having your iPhone stolen in the street by a three year-old.

This is going to be harder than I thought.


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